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Comfort by A Hayes, is a family owned business. Growing up, my grandmother/mother had a big family, which meant big breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. 

My grandmother / mother sold dinners out of her Harlem apartment. Everyone in the community knew her for her great tasting food that was always homemade. No cans and no pre-mixed batters. Her clients used to tell her that she should open up a restaurant. She had always said that she wanted to open a restaurant but never had the resources to move forth with her aspirations.

Three years ago, Amani and I came up with the idea of opening a restaurant within the community so we shared this news with the family and the people that were interested came on board including my grandmother.

The difference with our cooking from my grandmother’s traditional dishes are; although we still keep the tradition of cooking “soul food”, we have integrated other comfort ethnic dishes into our menu. We are the only New York City caterers who can offer this range of fusion comfort cuisine and full-service catering.

Amani and Annette have been in the restaurant business for over five years now. Their industry experience has enlightened the rest of us.
Our goal is to continue to produce great-tasting, diverse Comfort Fusion Cuisine, throughout the five boroughs and the tri-state area.

Once we have grown, we aspire to open a 24-hour diner, which will eventually become a chain and Comfort By A Hayes aka CBAH will be a household name for “Food-Flavor-Taste is Comfort.”

The best catering NYC has to offer.

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